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14 October 2016

ACP:2 Black + S

This month's colour is Black, and as we all know Black goes with everything! and so for that reason my first project this month is a colour free-for-all -  anything/everything goes - literally!

Each day this month I have spent 15 minutes working on a project  - just a...
  • no hassle
  • mind clearing
  • getting in the mood to create
  • clearing the workroom
  • using up the scraps
... sort of project... and it fits in nicely with first letter of this month: the letter S, because S stands for scraps,  scrapbooking, sewing... oh and stenciling & stamping!

When I make a project I always cut extras ('just in case') and keep the left over bits and pieces,these end up gathering in a box or clear file... well enough is enough.  I am being ruthless and firm with myself : STOP SAVING THE SCRAPS (ooh look at all the lovely Ss in that sentence)

Now you might think the pile (imagine I'm saying 'the pile' in a deep scary voice with echo lol to give it gravitas) doesn't look too bad - but remember its a PILE there's plenty of bits and pieces under what you can see - and for size perspective - the cards you can see in the top right hand corner measure 6x4inches.

My project/plan is to make a card every day in October, and extras if I'm in the mood... I didn't set myself any rules or guidelines (why make things hard for yourself) (not even deciding on landscape or portrait! big step for me! lol) except that:
  • Every card must use at least one piece out of the scrap box/from the pile...
  • Nothing new can be bought and used - whatever used must be IN my workroom.
Simple!  I love the challenge of this - making (hopefully) something special out of scraps... and adapting items so they can be used (such as die cutting letters or shapes from the random bits of card that are in the pile..)

Oh, and anything left over at the end of the month will be thrown away.

Here are the cards so far:

I love the little monsters Elena has designed for PaperArtsy (you can find them at www.paperartsy.co.uk), and having used them on my nephew's birthday card I couldn't resist adding one on this page.

The die cut apple above has been in the pile for aaaaages - looks great on this page!  On the right is a ghost print cut from one of the underpapers on my desk - definitely too nice to throw away!

Bit of a motivational page here - and for some reason I seem to have quite a few of these cupcakes in the pile.
Love this page - I wanted to use bubble wrap on a page which has been used to gelli print - always great colour blends left behind so thats what I put on the reverse (on right)

Photos printed out on polaroid style film - I really like the dinky little prints..

A very funny evening watching Nina Conti, the ventriloquist, at the Cliffs Pavilion - really clever too... an evening that was so funny you have tears running down your face.

These shoes are stamps from JOFY43, the 'boy' plate - works really well to illustrate how much walking we did that day!

 There had to be tags and book text in there somewhere!

I wrote on this page but it wasn't important (so I don't mind that it is barely visible) - I wanted the embellishments to be the focus.... it doesn't always need to be about the words..

From the photos above you can see the pages are all bound on BIG book rings... They are in a book I created from a book cover I had in my room - yes I really did have an old book cover stashed under the desk just waiting for the perfect project! (you can see how long I've had it because my name is written on it - my maiden name - I've been married 11 years!)

 I think I had originally used it for altered book techniques.. and removed the pages at some point...

I punched some holes in, made sure the book rings and pages fitted and painted it all over - front and back- with black gesso - LUSH!

Went 'old school' and dug out the hammer and eyelet tools.. which were sadly not man enough to go through the book covers...  This book rin and book cover is a binding method I've used before and like very much (you can see another project HERE) and I found it on Julie Kirk's blog (HERE).

I needed to bring out the big guns! I don't use the Crop-a-dile Big Bite very often but I am very glad I have it- so easy to punch through the book covers and set the eyelets.

Here's the cover in-progress - using a card that I'd painted way back at the start of the project - I thought it would look great on the cover and reflects the contents.  The only number you can still see on the ruler running along the bottom is '22' which made me smile - as that's my birthday! Coincidences like that make me smile!

The cover a little bit further along:  I embossed the tips of the seedhead (WOW, silver sparkle), bubble wrap printed randomly, drew around the edges in grey pencils, added spots of Mermaid to break up the Chalk bubble wrap print.... all glue down but it was still missing 'something'....

I added a title and date and it is finished.

15 days to go....
(and just in case you were wondering - I've used 72 pieces from the pile)

Thanks for stopping by.


13 October 2016

Ho Ho Ho...

... getting ready for my class on Christmas workshop on Saturday at That's Crafty... because the class booked up Laura has released a few extra places, so contact the shop if you fancy joining us for a day of festive fun creating the niche box below...

... and for those of you who are booked on to the course - thank you and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday - please bring the following items with you:
wide flat paint brush (you'll only need 1), detail paint brushes (similar to those in photo below), detail/ fine scissors, pencil, ruler...

(don't worry if you don't have the above - we'll have spares for you to use in class)


8 October 2016

Its all about....

..... Seedheads, Gelli prints, masks and stencils for my project tonight over on the PaperArtsy blog... Click on the photo below to go take a look.

Thanks for stopping by

2 October 2016

Alphabet Colour Project:2 October's colour is...

.. BLACK ..

Oh black, you glamorous little beauty!...  you are my colour for October....

I like the colour black A LOT!  I have a black cat, a black car, a big portion of my wardrobe is black (covers a multitude of sins and goes with everything!)... so I'm really looking forward to this month.
May was the last month I looked at the Alphabet Colour Project which is not what I had planned (and believe me behind the scenes this is all planned out!) but life took over.. during the missing months of June, July, August & September there was a holiday, a new stamp release, and some quite serious medical treatment: I have Multiple Sclerosis and in August I underwent relatively new treatment for the condition- 5 days of infusions of the drug Lemtrada which will hopefully halt, but not cure, the condition (its the first treatment I have received for MS in the 19 years since diagnosis).... the treatment was quite debilitating so it wiped out August, September was spent catching up... which finds us here is October!
OCTOBER! Seems ridiculous to be October already! lol

aaaaanyhoo - I could go back and bring the colours and alphabet into October, starting where I would've in June... but I have decided to go with October as I already planned it...

Black is joined by the letters S & T - lots of ideas on the lists that I'm excited to think about.

I have a Pinterest board HERE of all things black....here's a couple of my favourite images:

thieves will think twice? yeah, that's totally why I want this, that's why! #doors #knockers #doorknocker:
(image: pinterest/ultralinx)

and who wouldn't want a black squirrel in their garden!? That is a gorgeous little rodent!:
Black Squirrels were imported to Kent, OH from Canada. Love seeing Black Squirrels in Leland.:
(image: pinterest/arkinspace)

I'm off to think about the colour black, and the letters S and T - if any of you lovely visitors can think of any techniques or equipment to add to the lists please drop it in a comment and I'll add it to the list!

Thanks for stopping by


1 October 2016

PaperArtsy: New Product release....

..... over on the PaperArtsy blog tonight... and you are going to love it!! Seriously.
I was lucky to be a 'wingman' on this release and I adore the stamps!

Here's a taster of what you will find over on the BLOG:

Go and take a look - you will not be disappointed.


28 September 2016

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas......

... especially on 15 October when I'll be at That's Crafty in Romford running a very festive workshop...

In this workshop we'll create a lovely niche featuring this year's JOFY snowman.... using inks, stamps and paint.. and yes, there will be glitter/sparkliness!!

There are still a few places available - contact the shop to book a place...

ho ho ho!!

21 September 2016

ALBOTAT: Life is good, Live it

.. is the mantra on this recent art journal spread

Starting on an existing spread of pale blue I clouded over it with a slightly darker blue before using: Stencils:  Stencil Girl's Marrakech stencil (L177), The Crafters Workshop Mini Circle Grid (TCw203S), Stamps:  JM54 (alphabet block), JM 49 (mini flowers), big flower, text and mini circle clusters are JOFY45.
The grey letters are foam, American Crafts - I really like the dimension of these letters but they made working in the rest of the journal a bit of a challenge! - The journal's pages aren't flat anymore!  But the letters are worth it!

18 September 2016

ALBOTAT: A day with Seth Apter...

... a couple of weeks ago I went to a workshop with Seth Apter, organised by PaperArtsy.  Such a lot of fun, and learning...

I lost count of how many layers were used to create this. :o)  All done with Fresco Finish paints.

Detail of front cover... mono printing, stamping, painting, stenciling, doodling - you name it, we did it! lol

A great day.  If you get the chance to do a class with Seth - take it!  You won't be disappointed.

17 September 2016

ALBOTAT: Birthday card & present....

... for Mr JoFY..

I'd been trying to find a big metal 'M' to go in Matt's 'man cave' for a while and found these cardboard marquee letters by Heidi Swapp...  Started off as white cardboard, I painted it in a mix of grey Fresco Finish paints (Concrete, Slate, Elephant (now discontinued, sadly) mixed with white) and finished with a top coat of Metallic Glaze.  The treadplate in the centre also started off as white cardboard which I embossed with a Cuttlebug embossing folder and painted in the same way.

It looks great with or without its lights on, and hubby loved it.

I couldn't resist painting 2 of the Tim Holtz crazy cats to resemble our two furry family members - the shapes and facial expressions were spot on!  Makes me smile.

16 September 2016

Be still my Gelli® print loving heart....

Last Sunday I spent a 'Gelli® plate play day' with Emma, Emma, and Leandra (such a good day) and the following Monday I was still inspired so I thought I'd get creative... 

I decided I needed to work bigger than the previous day's experiments so I laid out my 12x14in Gelli® plate.... now we're talking!... so much lovely space to play with!

This was only going to be a quick printing session (unfortunately other things to do - don't you hate it when real life gets in the way of creative time!).. but it was a good session AND I remembered to take photos!!

Here we go:

Adding paint to the Gelli® plate - spacing them out, then spreading and blending across the area with a brayer.

I laid my chosen masks onto the wet plate: (LOVE these three 'deconstructed lilies' masks from Stencil Girl, available from That's Crafty)

This is the first print I pulled, I really like the different colours blended through, and how the masks lay over the edge of the plate/print:

Once the first print was pulled, I removed the masks which revealed paint underneath where they had been - so I pulled this print:

and this is the clean-up/ghost print:

I liked those prints so much - but you must know by now from reading this blog - I love a bit of vintage printed paper!... so laid the masks out again and printed some more:

I love how these turned out - can't bring myself to cut them up! Might need to frame them in someway!

I think these might be the first of many!

If you don't have a Gelli® plate yet go and get yourself one - they are such a good mixed media tool.  Seriously! You won't be disappointed.  

PaperArtsy will have Gelli® plates at the AllyPally show this weekend

I'll have some more samples over the next few days....

(Gelli® used with permission. Owned by Gelli Arts® LLC)