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7 December 2016

A Cover Up...

... This class at Birds in the Barn proved popular so another date was booked  - this coming Sunday (11th December) - there are a couple of spaces left.

If you fancy spending the day away from the christmas frenzy getting inky, stampy, painty up-cycling an old book into a journal/scrapbook then contact the shop to book your place.

Hope you can join us!

January Craft Stamper...

... is in the shops now - and I have a project in there :o)

I loved making this dimensional project featuring none other than Skid the Robot!  Here's a sneak peek but to see the whole project you'll need to buy the magazine....

its another great issue so you won't be disappointed and you get a free stamp!


3 December 2016

New Products!....

.... oh yes!...more new products - new JOFY products - and this time its stencils.  You can see a post detailing the new designs with samples HERE on the PaperArtsy blog...

Go take a look - I hope you like them as much as I do - they're going to be a lovely accompaniment to your JOFY stamps.


22 November 2016

Workshop: A Cover Up....

.... at Birds in the Barn, Marks Tey on Saturday 26 November 2016.

Here's information for those of you booked on the workshop:

You will need to bring with you an old hardback book that will be up-cycled into the new journal/scrapbook/album - ideally the book should be around 5x7inches (13x18cm) with a 1in (2.5cm) spine.... older books work better for this project because of their construction.  (If you can't get one before Saturday we will have some spares for you to use.)

If you are planning to use this workshop to start an album with a particular theme or to store photos of a particular event then please bring some of the photos with you - FYI we are working to a 6x4in page size so bear that in mind if you are printing photos to use.

I'm excited about this workshop (can't wait to see what is created from old books!) and look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


PS This workshop sold out on the day it was released so Janet has added another date:
Sunday 11th December
if you missed out on the original date I hope you can join us on this one.

12 November 2016

Craft Stamper December Issue...

... is in the shops NOW!

and I'm chuffed to say I have an article in this issue... I love a bit of upcycling and so was very happy to participate in this regular feature...

Lots of lovely festive articles and projects in this issue, go grab yourselves a copy!


11 November 2016

Its a Gelli print...

.... but not as we know it... well it is... sort of - these are pages in my journal that I've covered in the underpapers that are on my desk when Gelli printing.. rolling my brayers on it to remove paint, or make a gelli print to clean the plate... sometimes they're just too nice/interesting to throw away..

These first two are my 'favourites', I really like the print of the mask (stencilgirlproducts.com) I was using...
I haven't put them in a journal - I can't decide what to do with them... I don't want to 'spoil' them - which is ridiculous because they are junk papers! Meant to be spoiled!

These next two are the result of rolling my brayer on the underpaper to clean it...

I am kicking myself that I didn't take a photo of the underpapers glued onto the pages below before I stenciled the numbers on!  The background is lots of ghost/clean-up gelli prints.  I really like how the big numbers look so prominent against the background.... and everything looks more interesting with paint splats!
(The number stencil is Donna Downey, doily stencils is The Crafters Workshop, spots are bubble wrap)

Using the underpapers is a great way to add immediate interest to a journal spread.. and if its too bold, pale, or the wrong colour simply add another layer of interest - with stencils or stamping or a colour wash.


10 November 2016

ALBOTAT: Punches and Dies..


I've been asked about the tags and tabs that I used throughout my use-it-or-lose-it (The Pile) book (that definitely needs a snappier title lol)... so here's the info..

I've had these punches for a while and sorry, but I'm not sure they're still available.. but other manufacturers have similar designs but as dies - try Spellbinders.

 Tag and Tie die, Tim Holtz range by Sizzix.

 Tiny Tabs and Tags, Tim Holtz range by Sizzix

I used this tab design a lot (there were a lot in The Pile, maybe the result of a mad punch out session lol)  Its by Stampin Up, & sadly its been discontinued.

So there you are - not all of the information about the tabs was useful (3 discontinued) but at least I addressed the question  :o)

There are so many dies on the market I'm sure you'll be able to find similar designs.


9 November 2016

All scrapped out....

... the use-it-or-lose-it book I started in October (you can read about it here) is finished.... I did it - a page a day created with bits and pieces solely from the scrap pile! (patting self on back)

The book is not going to close and that makes me happy! I like that it doesn't close and bits and pieces hang out of the sides... books like this make me interested to see what is inside...

& speaking of whats inside here are the further 19+ pages I created during the month...

I like stenciling across the page, over both all the attached layers (scrap paper on left, printed paper on right) it blends everything together.

These are the masks and placement pieces used in a workshop on this day... background is created with black pen, Faber Castell Polychromos pencils and Stabillo CarbOthello pencils.

I don't often use photos of myself but this one on right is OK because I'm pretty much bleached out because of the instant camera print... (and I like my new shorter hair!)... this page is one of the main reasons the book isn't closing! The zipper flower in the middle that I made from a metal/cotton zipper is quite dimensional - I was tempted to remove it and replace with something flatter but the page wasn't as nice without it.... who says a book should close anyway! ;o)

My birthday - I see these numbers around a lot! Strange... nice coincidence... 'twenty-two, ten' gets called out a lot in our house lol

Day after my birthday - still 'celebrating'!! :o)

Taking three small die cuts and attaching them together so they are one big die cut.

This flower is created using a flower from JOFY37, and 5 leaves (JOFY12) stamped onto pink paper - love how stamping them onto a different coloured paper can change their purpose so easily.

Couldn't resist adding this to the book (to preserve it!) on top of waste gelli print paper and whats not to love about that bobble trim!!

I used loads of bits and pieces in this book - but obviously not enough as there was still loads left at the end of the month - most of which has been thrown in the bin....

I really enjoyed doing this and I hope its inspired you to make use of all those bits you're hoarding 'just in case'.

By the way...  Have I mentioned that I'm teaching online? I probably have because I'm very excited to be teaching on Wanderlust 2017 !  

This is a years worth of fabulous mixed-media and art journaling classes from myself and 25 other teachers.   You can book your seat at the amazingly low Early Bird price now to make sure that you are ready for a fun adventure and a huge learning experience in the next year. 

Click on the above Wanderlust image to go and book your place!
This is going to be a wonderful year of inspiration and learning.
I can’t wait to meet you all in the classroom!


31 October 2016

Boo! Happy Halloween!

Halloween starring Dolly and Little Dude..... as you've never seen them before..

These tags all started off as little doodles onto Dolly and Little Dude (JM52 JM53) seeing how easy it would be to turn them into other characters... it was a lot of fun!  made me chuckle as I changed them into their Halloween costumes... mwaaahhhaaahhaaa...  I was just playing around, just doodling (thats why the colouring isn't as dark/complicated as usual) but once they were all fancied up I couldn't stop creating......

So here's Little Dude dressed as Count Dracula...

Dolly has come as Elphaba from Wicked - this would definitely be my Halloween costume of choice!

And finally, especially for Walking Dead fans out there.... here is Zombie Dolly!!

These were so much fun to make - if you've turned Dolly and Little Dude in to other little characters I'd love to see them!


28 October 2016

Demo day!!....

... just a quick reminder that I'll be over at the lovely Birds in the Barn, Marks Tey, tomorrow...  where I'll be getting inky & painty with Gelli Plates, Fresco Finish paints, PaperArtsy stamps and stencils...

Really looking forward to visiting the shop again - its been a while - I hope you can join me!